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File Manager Update

Okay, well I updated the file manager, so yay for that, but I will need all your passwords sent to me. Please, if you have web space here at kitfwi, send me a private message with your username and password so I can set you up with the new file manager.

The link to the new filemanager is http://fileman2.kitfwi.com

Make sure to PM me your info so I can get this all up and running for everyone. Also feel free to post in this topic about how you like it or dislike it and if you've notified me of you username and password. let_it_all_out.gif

[topic link]

Also take note that if you would like to have KITFWI hosting, you can also go here to register. If you need FTP access make sure to PM me on the forums or email me a name and password.

» Posted by webhead on Sunday, October 9 2005 @ 4:23 AM PST

Bandwidth Upgrade

You may have noticed the site was down for a day or so...well thats because I've moved to a new server and upgraded to the Cox premier account.  What is the Cox premier account?  Its a 9mbit down and 1 mbit up connection.

What does this mean for you?  This means that your download speeds from KITFWI will now have doubled.  Enjoy.

» Posted by webhead on Tuesday, July 12 2005 @ 6:12 AM PST

Port Changes

Well, my ISP is at it again (gotta love them) and they are blocking port 8080. So, of course, I changed the port the webserver is running on to port 1337. You will need to update your bookmarks to reflect this.

I am really hoping that at some point I can get an ISP that will not do this to me, or get a server with serverpronto.

» Posted by webhead on Friday, June 3 2005 @ 8:34 PM PST

Sorry Everyone

My ISP is throttling my connection and I am going to have to take off the large packages. These files are gigantic (some are over 100 mbps) and when they get downloaded my internet connection gets maxed out for hours, and Cox starts throttling my bandwidth effectively making my download speeds the equvilent of a 56k connection. 

Hopefully sometime later this year we will be pooling to get a new server and a way better connection.

» Posted by webhead on Thursday, April 28 2005 @ 9:46 AM PST

Revolution: The gloves are off.

The fight is beginning for next-gen and the hard hitters just threw off their gloves to battle it out at E3. Check out Nintendo's gloves off according to an insider 3rd party developer's BLOG. He's working under Publisher Sega and on a new Vectorman game that supports 40 person online multi-play and a slew of other features.


» Posted by Crono454 on Wednesday, April 27 2005 @ 12:45 PM PST

Kiss the Slowness Goodbye

Well, I finally realized where all this slowness has been coming from and I damn well fixed it. There were a number of websites leeching off this poor little server, and it just could not take it. I have removed the files that it was leeching and sent them all nasty emails, so from here on out KITFWI is restored to its former glory. Don't forget to stop by the forums and mention how awesome that is. lurk.gif

» Posted by webhead on Wednesday, April 20 2005 @ 11:58 PM PST

New Roms

Well, this is probably the biggest update ever.

I have just recently added EVERY SINGLE GAME EVER MADE for both Nintendo and Super Nintendo. I also went ahead and added some packages so you can download a lot at once.

I also added a crap load of Sega roms...all of them to be precise. cool.gif

Also, be on the lookout for torrents. I am going to set up a tracker and have 2 or 3 constant seeds for you guys to whore it up. I will have a torrent for every system. I would ask though, that you leave it seeding until AT LEAST a share ratio of 1. So be on the lookout for that, and I am also working on getting some more gameboy roms, some GBA roms, and more MAME/Arcade roms. Be sure to stop by here and there to check it out.

» Posted by webhead on Tuesday, February 22 2005 @ 9:38 PM PST

PSP Price point announced.

The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, has been announced to retail for $249.99 in the US, and $299.99 Canadian. It'll come with some amount of bundle, but here are the full details:

"the Pack comes standard with a good number of extras that help make the purchase worthwhile, including a 32MB Memory Stick Duo, headphones with remote control, battery pack, AC adaptor, soft case, and cleaning cloth. In addition, the bundle boasts a movie/music/game sampler UMD disc with non-interactive demos. On top of everything else, the first one million people to purchase a PSP in the US will receive a bonus UMD featuring the full feature film Spider-Man 2."


» Posted by Crono454 on Saturday, February 5 2005 @ 1:11 PM PST

The Power of Next-Generation Consoles

During a panel discussion on next generation power, Epic Games' President, Mark Rein, said that Unreal-level graphics that eat up 5% of a PC's processing power can chomp a massive 80% out of the current generation of consoles. However, having worked on these two unannounced titles, Rein noted the next-gen machines actually surpassed the power of a current PC.

Ivan Sullic, a former editor for PC IGN, has also said that the next Microsoft console(currently known as Project Xenon) can run the Unreal 3 Engine at it's maximum settings, silkily smooth.Things look bright as Microsoft has actually spent R&D money on their new console, and it should be designed quite well. Sony's PS3 and Nintendo's Project Revolution, both debuting late next-year, should be able to perform at least as well as Microsoft's offering, and it will be cool to have such powerful machines displaying on my HDTV! Peace!.gif

» Posted by Crono454 on Wednesday, February 2 2005 @ 5:34 PM PST

Coming Soon!

This is just basically a list of upcoming games that you may be looking foward to, so mark the Calendars!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Ps2 - 10/26/04
Metroid Prime: Hunters - GameCube - 8/01/05
Kingdom Hearts 2 - Ps2 - 9/14/05
Halo 2 - Xbox - 11/09/04
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - Ps2 - 11/01/04
Gran Turismo 4 - Ps2 - 12/14/04
Final Fantasy XII - Ps2 - 2/14/05
Goldeneye: Rogue Agent - All - 11/17/04
Devil May Cry 3 - Ps2 - 2/07/05
Mortal Kombat: Deception - All - 10/04/04
NFS Underground 2 - All - 11/15/04
LOTR Battle for Middle-Earth - All - 11/15/04

*Dates are subject to change, but for now thats where they stand.

» Posted by Lvl4 on Thursday, September 30 2004 @ 1:29 PM PST

The Next Generation of Next Generation Consoles

Sony President and CEO Ken Kataragi announced possible demo times and release dates of the next Playstation game console. According to his claims the Playstation 3 will be shown at next years E3 (2005). Doing this would put in on the market in Japan possibly by the end of 2005. (The states probably 2006) It seems like a long ways away, but we are almost into 2005 already. The delay will be to the fact that video game companies will have to actually make the games for this hopefully impressive system.

A highly possible feature is a hard drive much like on the xbox, and of course it will be internet capable. Hopefully though, it will start out that way and not make the consumers grab their ankles in order to purchase the adaption. This announcement I'm sure has made an impression on the development of Microsoft's Xenon, and the Nintendo's Revolution. Both of which are scheduled to be previewed at next years E3 as well. on this server.

» Posted by Lvl4 on Monday, September 13 2004 @ 11:19 AM PST

Update Central!

Yes that is right, it's high time that I started actually doing what I'm supposed to do, and that is Reviews/Previews. That's right, I don't get paid nothing for... err .. nothing. Well anyways, if you click on the games link every once in awhile (instead of just raping the roms) you will see more info posted daily! Or every other at the most.

Also as a nice addition that will be coming out soon our webmaster.. web, will be posting many a BitTorrent link. What games do these include? Well the highly awaited Doom 3 for PC! Definately worth your time to continue to visit to see what other great things that will be offered. Until than I'll keep digging up the scoup on new games and give you some insight on recent additions to the gaming community.
Peace love, and infinate ammo.

» Posted by Lvl4 on Friday, September 10 2004 @ 11:49 AM PST

Bandwith Increase

Cox Communications has decided to increase the bandwith of it's basic @Home customers for the sake of competition, with no additional costs or necessary bullshit to get said increase. Pwn.

Max uprate TO the server has increased to 4Mbit/sec
Max downrate you get FROM the server has doubled to 512Kbit/sec

Which now means the site is now in essence twice as fast. Where you would have seen speeds of 30kb/sec dowloads, you will now see 60kb/sec downloads. Still nothing too glorious, but twice as good as it was before.

Discuss here: http://kitfwi.com:1337/forum/index.php?showtopic=414&s=

» Posted by Dragon on Friday, August 13 2004 @ 11:21 PM PST

Halo 2

Release date: November 9, 2004

Finally a stable release date. You can get the trailer here (right click and click "save as...").

So whats going on with the game? Well they currently showcased a little demo at E3 showing off a few things. forst off was the duel wielding. Now, I am sure we all remember Perfect Dark, and having 2 of the same gun. In Halo 2, you can actually have 2 different guns. The test they did was with a needler and a new small type of machine gun. Also, the most anticipated weapon of them all, the melee sword, has finally arrived. You get to finally use the sword that the elites used to kill you in one hit. It has a melee attack, and a stab attack for killing in one hit; we are talking a very deadly weapon here.

After a bit of that, they showed us the rocket launcher. At first, it looks exactly the way we remember it, but there is a new feature: they added a homing mode. Now, when you place the reticle over a target for a certain amount of time, it will turn a different shade of red and lock on to a target. Very handy for those of you who don't have the best aim with a rocket launcher.

On to the vehicles. Oh yeah, they got an overhaul. The ghost, as the guy from Microsoft put it, is all "pimped out" with the ground effects. Now it has a handy new feature: a speed booster. Hold down the left trigger and you go psychotically fast, but you cannot shoot or steer well; its very handy when you need to get the hell away from a bad situation. Also, the vehicles are now destuctible, even in multiplayer. You can shoot off pieces of the vehicles, instead of it just eventually blowing up. The Microsoft representative shot off on of the hubcaps of the Warthog. He also showed us that the Warthog now has a nice little rocket launcher on the back. Oh yeah, a rocket launcher, with unlimited ammo. nice isn't it? THUMBS.GIF

So that's it for Halo 2 for now. Stay tuned for updates.

» Posted by webhead on Thursday, May 13 2004 @ 11:33 AM PST

E3 Updates

First off if you haven't read the post below by the good Webmaster you must! Free early access to the new Halo2 demo.

Other than that here are just a few new blips that you might be interested in.

Nintendo went more into depth about the Nintendo DS, which surprisingly doesn't stand for Dual-Screen, but Developers System. Dumb name, but they stated they will change the name before its release. Supposedly it will include nice features such as a touchpad screen and wireless connection to other units. When asked about their next system that's in development Nintendo responded, "Our next system will create a gaming revolution. The time when horsepower alone made the difference is over."

Though I personally liked the last years Zelda game Wind Waker, I'm glad to hear that the new one will be back to the more normal graphics that we all saw with the 64's version. As part of Nintendo's annual E3 press conference, it showed off a new trailer of the next game in the Legend of Zelda series, which featured an older, more mature Link.

While I'm not as cool as web as to get Doom3 up on the site, I can give you a link to the newest trailer that was released. --> Doom 3

Also for all you RPG fans, and Star Wars fans, or anyone that just liked Knights of the Old Republic, good news. A second one is in the development, and not with its former creator BioWare. Instead California-based Obsidian Entertainment has been hired to make a follow-up to one of the best and most successful games of last year. It takes place 5 years after the battle with Lord Malak, and the jedi forces have been so weakened that they must retreat to the core worlds leaving the outer exposed. Obsidian plans to use the same game engine, but only with a few tweaks and graphical modifications.

Supprisingly there was some information presented about the new segment in the now infamous GTA series. The next one entitled San Andreas has a few screenshots out, that you can see at the Rockstar Site.

Also here is a little bit of a plot line for the upcoming game.

"Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas...a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

Now, it's the early 90s. Carl's got to go home. His mother has been murdered, his family has fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster.

On his return to the neighborhood, a couple of corrupt cops frame him for homicide. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him across the entire state of San Andreas, to save his family and to take control of the streets."

We'll continue to post bits of information as they come up.

» Posted by Lvl4 on Wednesday, May 12 2004 @ 2:17 PM PST

Halo 2 Preview

Good news folks: Halo 2 has an actual release date! Halo 2 is now set to ship out on November 8, 2004. Start putting it on your Christmas lists people! As for me, I am pretty sure I am going for the collector's edition. We all know it sounds sad, but then you people cannot deny that you would love to have it.

At E3 in California, Microsoft did their fancy little presentation of them playing multiplayer. In this trailer you get to see people playing as Elites, Master Chief using dual guns, and the Alien Melee sword. For those of you that are not privilleged enough to lay your hands upon the demo, your good old buddy webhead has it up for grabs here (right click and click "save as...").

Please no applause, just try not to rape my bandwidth too much people, it will take away from the forums' loading time WINK.GIF.

» Posted by webhead on Wednesday, May 12 2004 @ 1:31 PM PST

E3 is Close!

That's right, the single greatest video game show of the year is only a couple weeks away. May 12th -14th. During which we will get all the previews for the year in games, and any insight on the rumors going around. What rumors you ask?

Well apparently Grand Theft Auto 4 : San Andreas will not be present at the show whatsoever. That a highly anticipated game Half-Life 2 might be delayed until next year! Other than that many highly anticipated games are scheduled to be shown like Metroid Prime, which just a week ago was confirmed as having multiplayer. In my personal opinion I think Xbox will have a good showing, with previews from Doom3, and maybe even a playable demo for Halo 2. Ps2 will likely display some of scary thriller Silent Hill 4 : The Room. Hopefully soon we'll be able to upload some trailers and the such as soon I get in contact with Webby. So expect as much news as I can dig up on E3, and lots of good things in the next couple weeks.

» Posted by Lvl4 on Monday, May 3 2004 @ 11:55 AM PST

Some Gamin Newz

This is an Xbox heavy update, but with so many awesome games coming out, why not?

First off are some Halo 2 updates. Lately they have been working on the sounds for the new game, hoping to add variations to walking, and to new weapons. Thats right new guns w00t! Supposedly one of them is going to be quite devastating. Also its good to hear they are putting more time into the dialogue and sounds of the game in hopes of making it up to par with other solid games, instead of just a multiplayer madfest.

Doom 3 has a finite release date of 10/4/04, so mark your calendars. Its going to include online play, in sinc with the launch of XboxLive2. Also, the game is going to include some co-op play, along with the best graphics overhaul on Xbox to date. It is said to fully utilize the hard drive addition to the Xbox, which is why it will not be seen on any other platforms.

For all you Middle Earth fans, EA just released the announcement that they are creating a LOTR RPG for all systems, including GBA. To be released hopefully in Q4 of this year. Party size is yet to be determined, but from what was said, "an increasingly large party of characters" it could be quite exciting.

» Posted by Lvl4 on Friday, April 30 2004 @ 1:43 PM PST

New News!

Well thanks to Webhead, I'm now here to help things out. Mostly my job is to get some reviews and codes and stuff like that up for the main site. Also, I'll be posting some up to date news on all that the gaming community has to offer. So soon you can come here for up to date info, reviews, and codes in addition to great roms. Also if you aren't already a member of the kitfwi forums I suggest you go there now!! It's so much fun for so little work. Plus webby is desperate.

Anyways for now I don't have anything, but expect stuff to be updated soon. All I have now are some new smilies for the forums!


» Posted by Lvl4 on Friday, April 30 2004 @ 1:17 PM PST

Arcade Roms are here!

Today I have added a solid 100 megs of M.A.M.E. roms! kagebunshin.gif
I also added the emulators themselves. I put up the original MAME and then MAME32 which I, myself, use due to the awesome GUI, as opposed to regular MAME's DOS interface. You can get to the roms and emulators via the "Arcade" link on the left. THUMBS.GIF

» Posted by webhead on Thursday, February 12 2004 @ 2:38 PM PST

Banners and Portals

Immense thanks to Saiyajin18 for making the new banners for the main site, along with pretty much everything that I need. She has contributed a lot of stuff, so there are definitely some thanks in order. Also there is now a portal (which she also made the image for) with links to various things like FTP info and the forums and stuff.

» Posted by webhead on Sunday, January 11 2004 @ 12:58 AM PST

Sega Roms

I have finally added the Sega roms. There is a pretty fair amount of roms there, so give it a look. I am probably going to start posting reviews for games pretty soon. I already have one that oochie wrote for Super Mario 2...so be on the lookout for that.

» Posted by webhead on Thursday, December 4 2003 @ 8:41 AM PST

M$ and Nintendo partnering against Sony?

Granted, it is just a rumor at this point, and it doesn't have much to do with ROMs or old games, but it's Anti-Sony, and that makes me happy.

I found this on Xbox-Scene.com, the original news from theregister.co.uk (keep in mind it's just a RUMOR):

Speaking last week at the unveiling of a TV-sized supercomputer based on 1000 specially designed PowerPC chips, IBM vice president of technology and strategy Irving Wladawsky-Berger said the platform will be the foundation for next-generation consoles from Nintendo and Sony, according to a throwaway line in a Reuters report at the weekend.

Of course, the possibility exists that Wladawsky-Berger inadvertently mentioned Nintendo when he should have referred to Microsoft, or that Reuters got it wrong.

Nintendo is working on future successors to the GameCube and the GameBoy Advance. It is expected to announce the former next May at the E3 show. Curiously, with GameCube development partners IBM and ATI now confirmed as Xbox 2 developers, speculation is mounting that the new Nintendo and Xbox 2 may be one and the same thing, with the two firms essentially offering two, individual products both derived from a common platform.

Indeed, ATI has already been named by Nintendo as its future graphics partner - despite being signed by Microsoft, nominally Nintendo's rival. It's hard to imagine to competitors being happy to share one key component supplier, let alone two, such is the risk that commercially sensitive information might be exposed to a rival. No, the only way they would happily allow this situation to exist is if they are working on the same console platform.

That the two might co-operate against Sony has been the subject of rumour for some time. It may even herald an attempt to create a licensable platform on which both companies build a high-margin software business while others commoditise the hardware.

» Posted by Dragon on Wednesday, November 19 2003 @ 9:49 AM PST

ROMs Legal? Library of Congress seems to think so.

With this being my first post in the news section of VideoGame Central, I bring what could be the greatest news ever.

On October 28, 2003, the Library of Congress released some interesting info about copyright laws. While these new liberties are refreshing, they are not as in depth as supporters would have liked them to be, but nonetheless, they are a breath of fresh air in a congested digital world.

The big question here, is "are ROMs Legal now?" First response, after reading this new information, would be "yes." The third (of 4) four carefully curtailed exceptions to the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) refers specifically to the use of "obsolete computer programs and video games" as being expressly exempt from previous copyright laws.

Here's a list of the 4 exceptions, as well as the full official story. (Taken from the US Copyright Office http://www.copyright.gov/1201/ without permission.)


(1) Compilations consisting of lists of Internet locations blocked by commercially marketed filtering software applications that are intended to prevent access to domains, websites or portions of websites, but not including lists of Internet locations blocked by software applications that operate exclusively to protect against damage to a computer or computer network or lists of Internet locations blocked by software applications that operate exclusively to prevent receipt of email.

(2) Computer programs protected by dongles that prevent access due to malfunction or damage and which are obsolete.

(3) Computer programs and video games distributed in formats that have become obsolete and which require the original media or hardware as a condition of access. A format shall be considered obsolete if the machine or system necessary to render perceptible a work stored in that format is no longer manufactured or is no longer reasonably available in the commercial marketplace.

(4) Literary works distributed in ebook format when all existing ebook editions of the work (including digital text editions made available by authorized entities) contain access controls that prevent the enabling of the ebook's read-aloud function and that prevent the enabling of screen readers to render the text into a specialized format.


My take on this is: if the system and / or hardware is no longer manufactured, then it's material cannot be protected under copyright infringement.

If ROMs are 100% legal or not, this is an exception leap in the legality thereof.

I didn't do much in-depth research, so if you want a couple other takes on this story, read it at wired.com or arstechnica.com.

» Posted by Dragon on Thursday, October 30 2003 @ 8:50 AM PST

New Banners

I made some new banners that fit the videogame theme of this place. I threw in Megaman, Zero, Sonic, and Tails, because...well...they are just cool! ^_^

I fixed the colors the best that I could so that it would match better with the new color scheme as well, so...ya...enjoy!

» Posted by webhead on Tuesday, October 28 2003 @ 7:10 PM PST

Bought a Domain Name

I went to dotster.com last night and ordered a domain name. It probably wont be up for a few days. The new domain will be http://www.kitfwi.com:1337/. It will all be ready soon, and when the domain is ready, ralph is going to add his own personal touch to his own part of the site. Check out the first wallpaper he made here.

» Posted by webhead on Sunday, October 19 2003 @ 2:19 AM PST

So much news...

OMFG there is so much news today!
1. I set-up my own Apache 2 Webserver for the website (w00t! )
2. I made a new style sheet for the UnModerated skin (Thanks to Ralph from DBZCenter.com)
3. I am now working on a new banner for the top of the forums
4. I am going to be getting a domain name: kitfwi.com
5. I am going to make more skins for the forums!
6. I have the Coranto news editor working!!

YES, look at all that, some awesome changes are in store, I might even update the boards to Invision Board v 1.2...I dunno, wait and see... evil_laughterpurple.gif

» Posted by webhead on Saturday, October 18 2003 @ 5:36 PM PST