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 Visual Boy Advance

This emulator is still currently being developed and is one of the most popular emulators.  It has spawned a clone with linking capabilities (VBA Link) and has a ton of features.


  • save game state at any point
  • graphic filters to enhance display: 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI, Super Eagle, Pixelate and Motion Blur
  • full screen support
  • screen capture (through menu or configured key)
  • joystick support
  • speed up button
  • Gameboy Printer emulation
  • Gameboy GB, SGB, GBC and GBC on GBA emulation types
  • SGB border support
  • auto-fire support
  • translation enabled (for emulator only)
  • hacking capabilities, including search engine, Gameboy Gameshark and GameGenie support and GamesharkAdvance and CodeBreakerAdvance support
  • GBA debugger in the SDL version Linux, Windows and BeOS (SDL version)
  • import Gameshark Game Saves, codes, etc...
  • import battery files from other emulators
  • export battery files to other emulators
  • sound recording

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Download VBALink
VBALink Website


This emulator is, by far, one of the best Gameboy emulators out there.  It has many features including a GameShark, a GameGenie, and a debugger.  To install the program simply copy/extract all the files to the same directory...that is all.  You will also notice that the battery doesn't run out for the color gameboy and stuff, however, if you like the program you really do need to pay the man.  After all, look at the name of the program: NO CASH...think about, there's probably a reason for it.  If you do decide to do the right thing and pay him you can go to his website to do it.  There is a screenshot of the program of the program to your left

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